Aeroponics Plans for the Aerogarden

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If you are considering forming an indoor garden, you may want to look into some aeroponics plans. While most aerogardens and aeroponics kits are designed to take up very little space, there is probably a set of aeroponics plans that would be more than perfect for your individual needs. While kits are great for the complete novice, custom aeroponics plans might be more suited for you, especially if you are looking to market your produce.


There are many things to consider when looking at custom aeroponics plans or even ready-made aeroponics plans. The question you must answer is: “How much produce do I want to grow?” Size is the number one factor that affects the cost of an aerogarden. You need to determine if you need aeroponics plans to cover a small herb garden for your personal use or if you are looking to sell your wares at a farmer’s market or other outlet. Do you want aeroponics plans for over one hundred plants? How much space do you have to devote to your aerogarden?


On that note, how much time do you have to devote to your aerogarden. Granted, aeroponic gardening is somewhat less labor intensive than traditional gardening. The location tends to be convenient, and there is no cultivating, weeding or aerating involved. The suspended root system takes care of that. Still, the roots need to be tended with a nutrient-rich spray. Many larger systems offer aeroponics plans with one or two pumps. These can be placed on a timer to ensure that the roots of your plants are regularly misted with the nutrient spray, barring malfunction, of course. However, if you are considering a smaller system, this may not be financially feasible. Instead, look at aeroponics plans that feature a deeper root basin so that you can reach in and mist the plant roots manually. While this is more time consuming and labor intensive, you can be certain that there are no blind spots in the misting. This is important in keeping the plant healthy.


When looking over different aeroponics plans, have a location for your aerogarden in mind. You need a water-resistant surface, even though aeroponics focuses on air instead of water. The mist can still ruin furniture finishes. You also need a spot that offers enough light, unless your aeroponics plans include a special growing bulb. Make sure that the area you have chosen is vertically appropriate for the types of produce you intend to grow. A tomato plant, for example, takes up a lot more vertical space than cilantro.


If you are in doubt about the appropriate aeroponics plans for your needs, ask an expert. Of course, this type of gardening is fairly new and there may not be an experienced aerogardener right across the street. However, a good reference book on the subject along with a few personal human resources will be enough to put you well on your way to learning the ins and outs of this interesting pastime. Who knows? You may even turn it from hobby to employment.

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  • JW:

    have a 6 hole container setup with 4 gals. to bottom of manifold around container with 6 revolving sprayers & 6 stationary sprayers & pump, plus sm 95gal hr pump just keeping nutrient mix circulating. Have gone thru veg state with 14 hrs t5 lite & continuous spray. roots now 3-4′ & down in liquid constantly. ready to go to 400w bloom lite. have seen reference to timing pump on & off cycling, lookin for reference to verify & suggested timing cycles , etc. thru blooming stage. Have grown in dirt indoors & have nice outdoor garden also, varments biggest problem in outdoor garden tho.
    Thanks for any reference or info. JW
    Disabled guy & now agree with therapeutic value of growing own vegs. & flowers.

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