Indoor pepper growing with Aeroponics – How and why to do it

aeroponics guide cover Indoor pepper growing with Aeroponics   How and why to do it

Peppers are one of the most versatile vegetables in the world, and with indoor pepper growing; they’re suddenly at our fingertips. And there are so many varieties! You have your sweet and tangy versions such as your typical green and red bell peppers. Common salsa ingredients; jalapeño and pepperoncini peppers.

indoor habanero plant Indoor pepper growing with Aeroponics   How and why to do it

indoor habanero plant

Or if you’re feeling very daring, there are always habanero or ghost chili peppers. With the options unlimited as to what you can do with these super-vegetables, it’s no wonder they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst gardeners. And the best way to do it hands down is indoor growing with Aeroponics how to advices.


Indoor pepper growing provides an ideal environment for success. In garages and greenhouses across the country gardeners are using aeroponics to grow delicious peppers—and plenty of them. Aeroponics uses a fairly newer version of growing than most are familiar with. In this method, the plant is inserted into a suspended plant holder above a reservoir of water. Did I mention no soil is used? The plant’s roots are left hanging above the water below the suspended plant holder. Most aeroponics growing systems have a spray or mist apparatus in or on top of the reservoir that occasionally attend to the plant’s roots. For most gardeners adding a pro-biotic liquid nutrient to the water is essential.


This revolutionary way of cultivating plants is making indoor pepper growing easier, and more productive than ever. Growers are seeing their plants “explode” into huge billowy plants that sometimes have to be trimmed quite frequently to avoid the plants getting too large. Tall, hugely productive plants call for a bigger growing space. This is why most indoor pepper growing takes place in a garage or similar sized space.


With aeroponics gardening as your method of growing, you won’t need to do much to end up with an abundant number of delicious peppers. Typically as long as you keep your reservoir stocked with nutrient-filled water the aeroponics system does most of the work. Most pepper plants will have an appropriate number of peppers at around 60 days. That doesn’t mean you can’t wait for them to increase in size, or that you have to wait to take a few off for yourself. Maybe indoor pepper growing is your chance to try out that new salsa recipe?


There’s something about eating vegetables you grew yourself that makes them all the more delicious. And with aeroponic gardening on the job it won’t be long until your plants are touching the ceiling, literally. Because this strategy of indoor pepper growing is so effective, you may want to think about using a pulley system. A pulley system to grow aeroponics plants can be easily installed into the ceiling of your grow space. A sturdy string is attached to the stem of the pepper plant with clips as the pulley pulls it gently upwards. This makes sure the plant grows nice and straight and doesn’t invade other plants’ space.


poblano pepper Indoor pepper growing with Aeroponics   How and why to do it

poblano pepper

red and green bell peppers1 Indoor pepper growing with Aeroponics   How and why to do it

red and green bell peppers


This overgrown jungle effect doesn’t happen with all peppers, only some. The poblano pepper is probably the most fruitful pepper you will find with indoor pepper growing. This is because it is very easy to grow and almost easier to harvest. Green bell peppers in all varieties thrive indoors with aeroponics. Another you will find an abundance of is the cubanelle pepper, better known as the “banana pepper.”

cubanelle pepper Indoor pepper growing with Aeroponics   How and why to do it

cubanelle pepper

These peppers though mildly spicy are considered sweet and are used in a variety of Italian dishes, salsas, and sometimes even stuffed with cheese and various other ingredients. And if spicy is your preference, the Anaheim chili pepper fairs well indoors.

Anaheim chili pepper Indoor pepper growing with Aeroponics   How and why to do it

Anaheim chili pepper


And last but not least; the jalapeño pepper. This is one of the most popular and beloved peppers anywhere and thanks to indoor pepper growing, it’s never been more readily available. It’s a coveted topping on tacos, burritos, nachos and many other Mexican-style dishes. But it doesn’t stop there; many American-style restaurants have started serving tasty variations of jalapeño friendly foods.

jalapeno peppers1 Indoor pepper growing with Aeroponics   How and why to do it

jalapeño pepper

Among some of the most mouth-watering: jalapeño cheeseburgers, jalapeño chili cheese fries and even jalapeño cornbread! So many peppers, so little time! The possibilities are endless with these vegetables that can be found just a few steps away with indoor pepper growing. What are you waiting for?

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